Monday, May 12, 2008

My Thanks!

Well, the opening night celebration was a success! The show will be up through the end of the month, so for anyone interested, please contact moxie DaDa for gallery hours.

many, many thanks go out to everyone who came out for the opening...but there are a few special thank yous that need to be made:

erica for help in the research department; rachel for help with research, moral support and that fabulous cross!; katie for her moral support + last minute trips to the hardware store; mike for his moral support, research, and many spikes!; keri for her patience and meticulous detail help on zeal; mel for her beautiful words; dave for his talented chalk-art on the floor; dean for his amazing photography; grant + christine + matt and their great gallery that is moxie DaDa, and for their belief that i could finish everything in time for the opening; mike + katie for not complaining that they heard tori... over, and over, and over; and john for his love, support and inspiration, his many hours at the scroll saw, and his patience with only seeing me from across the room in the attic for many months.

thank you everyone!


Kt said...

Congrats on the opening! Turned out fantastic (and you finished before the show started, I was a little worried haha)!

Would do it again in a heartbeat....but...yeaaa...maybe a new CD....ahahhah

oh and btw, cute pic of you!

johnmetz33 said...

It's an awesome show!! and I always knew there was no doubt you would get everything done... and beautifully so to the very last detail... CRACK!!
I am honored to have gotten to work with you, to know you, to be a part of your creation. The best is yet to come!!
and... "oh, please" to a some new CD's

Paula said...

Congratulations, Randie. It is amazing work, amazing show. I am so proud of you and also happy for you. I think this has been your year!

LOVE the pic!

Dean Beattie said...

Hey girl!

Thank you for the kind words :-)

Your work is truly fantastic. I was very impressed with how well all of the materials worked together.

I have a disk for you of the openings images and I will get another disk together of the portraits.

Let me know if you ever need a photographer :-)