Monday, April 28, 2008

missing all the fun!

well, this weekend would've been a busy one for the social calendar...that is, if i actually had the time to venture outside of the attic! ;)

not only was the comicon in town (did you go bryan?), which brings with it a few out-of-town friends that i only get to see once a year, but "art all night" was this weekend as well. i've been participating in art all night for the past 5 years, and i was sad to have to pass it up this year. but i guess there's always next year!

you'll be happy to hear that instead of having all of that fun, i was diligent and accomplished a lot of work. gluttony (which has decided to take the name literally and take up all of my time) was finally finished this weekend, along with envy. (yeah!) and then i started on sloth...but hey, it's sloth...need i say more?


Kt said...

Blah...gluttony is trying to get to me too! You need to be all done with it so it can leave us alone hahah...

Yay for productivity! This weekend you will get lots done!

Booo for missing art-all-night...but soon you will have a life again...until you start another project. The bathroom? the patio? our new friend Sam's spaces?

j*amy said...

yay! i wish:

1) i would have taken more time to look at them when we were down last weekend
2) i could come to the show
3) you could bring the show to me
4) that it goes awesome!!!
5) kt wasn't such a nerd