Saturday, January 30, 2010

eXchange :: AAP centennial exhibition

Hello friends! I'm very excited to announce the opening of the next group show that I'm participating in, "eXchange," which is part of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (AAP) "ARTrageous" centennial exhibitions. I hope you are able to join me, and the other 39 great artists, for our opening night celebration next Friday, Feb 5th, from 5:30-8:30, located in the 2nd floor gallery on 937 Liberty Ave.

This exhibit, "eXchange," explores the pseudo-symbiotic relationship between established artists and emerging artists located within greater Pittsburgh region. AAP selected ten established artists and ten emerging artists to participate in this exhibit... me being one of the emerging artists, who then selected an established artist in which to collaborate with.

For me, this was an easy decision... I choose someone who not only has the experience required, but who's work I respect and admire, along with being someone who I consider a great friend... Kyle Ethan Fischer. Years ago, I was invited by Sara Swan and Kyle to help them work on a collaborative show, "Common Thread", that was exhibited at Digging Pitt gallery. And since that time, Kyle and I have often talked about the possibilities of working together, but the opportunity never arose until now.

I just want to say what a great pleasure it has been to work with Kyle on this show. We might not have hit the ground running... more like crawling, lol... but we came together and developed a very symbiotic relationship, starting with our original concepts, on throughout the different and sometimes challenging work stages, on through to completion. We complimented each others ideas with more ideas, and took turns pushing each other in order to explore things further, or to see things in a different light. It really has been a very exciting, positive, and creative adventure... one that I am most grateful to have been a part of, and one that I hope continues on into the future... so here's my virtual "hi-five" to you Kyle! :)

Randie Snow w/ Kyle Ethan Fischer Artists Statement
(aka: snowfisch)

We see assemblages as haikus. They are personal meditations made with objects that are both sacred and profane. It is our intent to manifest a fruitful synthesis of opposites using the juxtaposition of objects like gold leaf and discarded remnants as reminders of excess and scarcity; to bring the viewer’s attention to the fragility existent on individual and societal levels. Each work is a microcosm contained and restrained within it. Each unique object, like words in a haiku, alludes to meaning outside the poetic construction itself but retain a loaded significance within the context of the poem in meaning and form. Outside the poem that connotation may be void. It is for this reason that these works are metaphors for fears and dreams. The main recurring symbol that manifests in both of our work and in the development of our collaborative effort is the bird. Whether it is a specific species like a hummingbird or a swallow or the actions of nesting and flight, we have looked at how these metaphors intertwine with the vicissitudes that we encounter.

Here are some "sneak peaks" and images of some of the pieces in progress... enjoy! (clockwise from top left, flight 1, nest 1 detail, nest 1,  flight 2 progress, nest 2 progress)