Wednesday, September 23, 2009

G-20 Exhibits

hello everyone,

it's officially fall and things are moving along rather quickly... i have the pleasure to announce my participation in two exciting G-20 exhibits that open this week!

the first exhibit entitled "G-Spot", is a 3-day exhibit that opens tomorrow night at Fe Arts Gallery, in Lawrenceville. this exhibit features artists from the Visionary Arts Festival, which debuted this past august in schenley plaza. we're taking a break from the news and media of the G-20 to relax and enjoy art and good conversation!

the second exhibit that i'm participating in, “Urbanic 2: Catalysing a Regional Economic Renaissance,” opened today at the Landside Ticketing Level Display Case at the Pittsburgh International Airport. This exhibit was conceived and proposed by Mox Box Consulting, as a way to create awareness and promote Pittsburgh's local artists.

Urbanic 2 features 5 Pittsburgh artists that express the following in their artwork; microcosmic, ironic commentary on suburban surroundings, visionary samplings of community city life, or urban decay giving way to transformation. This exhibition engages the G-20 audience because the viewer is being given a glimpse of what is coming to be... urbanic.

well, that's the quick update for now... i have a of group shows coming up in the next couple of months, so stay tuned... and i hope you're all safe during the G-20!