Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Arbor Aid + Holiday Shows

hello friends! well, it's the day before thanksgiving, and i have yet to start the whole cooking and baking process for tomorrow... there has just been too much going on lately! at least i did go out and pick up a fresh, locally-raised, free-range turkey for dinner. unfortunately, i don't have the oil to do a proper deep-fry, so i believe i'm going to have to bake the turkey this year. (sorry tico!) :)

anyway, it's been a whirlwind of the past few months, so i wanted to send out an update with all of the recent past, present, and upcoming shows...

in september, around the same time as the G-20 show, i also participated in two group shows. the first was at the Borelli Edwards Gallery, which was a show for all of the new AAP members that have joined over the course of the past two years. the piece that i created for this show was entitled, "the trouble with diving for pearls," and is actually still hanging at the gallery! :)

the second group show, entitled "G-Spot," was at Fe Gallery. this show was a collection of artists that participated in the Visionary Arts Festival. and keeping in theme with the title, i selected Lust to be part of this exhibit.

october was a busy month, to say the least... friday, october 30th, i participated in three shows! "Arbor Aid" was the first show of the evening, a fund-raising event for Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest, which featured a number of local artists who all created sculptures made out of reclaimed wood. my new sculpture is called, "Hymn of the Pearl." i had a lot of fun working on this project, and am looking forward to creating a sister sculpture to go along with this one.

the second show, "Dia de Los Muertos" was a fund-raising event for the food bank, and was held at shadow lounge. celebrating rebirth, "sheila" was my creation for this event, where i used an old violin case that a friend had given me, along with my favorite character (sheila) who has been with me since the beginning. i'm happy that she has finally found an assemblage that she can call home! lol!

and finally, the last event of the day, (and the second "day of the dead" theme), was a fund-raiser for the New Hazlett Theater... where i worked on creating two shrines and decorations for their lobby. you can check out some of the images that nokturnal posted on flicker here.

the fourth show (of october), and third Day of the Dead-themed show, called "Dia de Los Muertos y la Resurreccion: the existencial crisis," was Moxie Dada's last official show at their space in the firehouse on arch street. i'm sad to see them move on, but i'm also excited to see where their new endeavors take them next! i wish them all the best of luck!

early in november, i met with ellen neuberg at Gallerie Chiz, where she selected six of the bible pieces to include in her group holiday show. the show opened on november 6, but runs through january 9, so there's still time to check this one out. ellen exhibits a wide variety of artists in her gallery... one of which just so happens to be my friend karen evancho. karen has 10 of her photographs hanging in the gallery as well... congrats karen!

and now for upcoming exhibits! the next two group shows are, "25 Squared" at Fe Gallery, opening saturday, december 12th; and "XChange" at 937 Penn Avenue Gallery, opening during the downtown gallery crawl in february. these are both right around the corner, so i'll send out more details as soon as i get them.

hope everyone has a relaxing turkey day tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

G-20 Exhibits

hello everyone,

it's officially fall and things are moving along rather quickly... i have the pleasure to announce my participation in two exciting G-20 exhibits that open this week!

the first exhibit entitled "G-Spot", is a 3-day exhibit that opens tomorrow night at Fe Arts Gallery, in Lawrenceville. this exhibit features artists from the Visionary Arts Festival, which debuted this past august in schenley plaza. we're taking a break from the news and media of the G-20 to relax and enjoy art and good conversation!

the second exhibit that i'm participating in, “Urbanic 2: Catalysing a Regional Economic Renaissance,” opened today at the Landside Ticketing Level Display Case at the Pittsburgh International Airport. This exhibit was conceived and proposed by Mox Box Consulting, as a way to create awareness and promote Pittsburgh's local artists.

Urbanic 2 features 5 Pittsburgh artists that express the following in their artwork; microcosmic, ironic commentary on suburban surroundings, visionary samplings of community city life, or urban decay giving way to transformation. This exhibition engages the G-20 audience because the viewer is being given a glimpse of what is coming to be... urbanic.

well, that's the quick update for now... i have a of group shows coming up in the next couple of months, so stay tuned... and i hope you're all safe during the G-20!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pittsburgh Visionary Arts Festival

So, after taking a little more than a year hiatus from the whole blogging thing (um, can you say slacker!?! LOL!), I've decided to revive it... and I am honored to announce that I've been invited to participate in a brand new festival, called the Visionary Arts Festival, where I will be exhibiting the Passages show once more. So please come out and join in the festivities and experience amazing art from more than 50 local Pittsburgh Artists! :)


The first Pittsburgh Visionary Arts Festival is bringing together more than 50 local visionary artists and art innovators into a single venue. For three full days, these artists will share their work, vision and unique ideas in a friendly outdoors festival setting. The VAF will feature a rich diversity of minds, covering the full spectrum of art mediums: from painting to mixed media, from digital media to sound art, through recycled and self-taught art… and beyond! Experience a slice of Pittsburgh’s greatest visionary art, in a festival that hopes to decorate your soul rather than your living room! Free and open to the public. August 7, 8 and 9, from 12pm to 9pm. Schenley Plaza, (directly in front of the Cathedral of Learning, in the heart of Oakland.)