Friday, May 23, 2008

art + wine + technology

hello everyone,

sorry for the lag in posting! i took a much needed break to sit back and relax a little! but i'll have to tell you, that it's been very strange not having something to do everyday...not to mention that i seem to be experiencing separation anxiety! it got so bad, that i had to go down to the gallery last weekend just to hang out and visit... i'll probably end up down there for part of this weekend too! :)

if you're looking for some fun this weekend...please come to bellevue this saturday from 5-9pm for bellevue's art + wine crawl. we met sam, who's sponsoring the event, for the first time a few weeks ago when we went to affogato (or "a") for their amazing pumpkin pancakes...he has such a great vision for the community, and has been a great inspiration to everyone, we really want get as many people involved to help spread the word! there are many artists and musicians lined up for this please come on out and have some fun! :)

and now for some good news on the art front...
john and i have both been accepted into the Pittsburgh Technology Council's 15 minutes gallery exhibit. i have 3 pieces entered into the show (no new pieces...sorry!), john has 2 pieces (including the bench!), plus there is a great lineup of other local artists, along with live music (sponsored by wyep) and a silent auction.

the artist reception will be:
thursday, june 12, from 5:30–8pm
Pittsburgh Technology Council
2000 Technology Drive (off of 2nd avenue)

you'll need to rsvp for the opening, so please either email me if you'd like to attend, or go directly to their website:

hope you all have a great memorial day weekend!

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